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AD-Photographics – Privacy Notice

Last updated: 25 May 2018


What is GDPR & a Privacy Policy

GDPR stands for General Date Protection Regulations. Data Protection regulations haven’t changed since 1998 which was before the age of ‘social media’ so before Facebook and even smart phones. The regulations changed in May 2018 to protect our right to how companies store our data & for how long. Each company provides this information in a Privacy Policy.

Your personal data I collect

When you first get in touch with me, it’s usually via the contact form on my website, via email, or mobile phone. I collect your names, wedding date and venue and closer to the wedding date I often collect the names of people attending your wedding and emergency contact numbers, should I require it on the day (I never do!). All of this is information I need to perform my job.

Once I have received an enquiry from you I will probably send a couple of emails due to verbal permission being given at the time. If this turns into a booking then your data will be stored as described below. If it doesn’t then the information is deleted soon after.

Collection and storage of your personal data

The initial contact form is on my website it is stored on a database. This software is where I keep all your information and is only accessible via my secure password which only I have access to. I also communicate with you via email and occasionally by mobile phone too. I use outlook and currently with O2Mobile, both companies are also GDPR compliant.

If you make an initial enquiry with me and don’t go ahead with booking me, your information will be deleted from my system so that your data is no longer stored.

Payments are made to me are via bank transfer will show in my business bank account in the normal way. On the rare occasion I receive a cheque, this will be deposited in the normal way.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

You have the right to confirmation, access, rectification and erasure of all the above data that I hold on you. For example, if you wish to see the initial contact form you submitted and check it for accuracy, or perhaps following your wedding you’d like to have your details completely removed, then you have that right.

Use of your data

I will use the above mentioned data to communicate with you about your wedding, sometimes I also like to inform you of any discounts I may have for albums and for other wedding-related communication. Your data is never shared with anyone else.


As photography is my work you can expect me to ‘collect’ photographs on your wedding day. These photographs are stored on memory cards during the day and backed up once home. I typically store your wedding photographs for 1-2 years before removing them. Your finished wedding photographs are stored on an online gallery provider called Photocart and protected by a password which you are given on the day of your wedding. Occasionally suppliers from your wedding, for example your florist, venue or hair stylist asks for photographs, for their own use, in this instance they are given access to the online gallery. They firstly have to receive permission from yourself and thereafter you have to refer to their own privacy policy as to how they handle the photographs once in their hands. Where a customer places an order via my website they are entering their name, email, postal address and mobile number. This information is kept on my Photocart but can be removed earlier at the request of a customer.


Images are taken on my digital camera and stored onto an SD or CF card. Photographs from these cards are uploaded for editing onto my computer and then backed up onto an external hard drive. Once the photographs have been removed from the SD & CF cars they are then formatted to delete all the data. The photographs are stored for a period of 7 years. After this they are deleted. Just before the images are erased I may choose to send you a reminder asking if you would like to purchase the remainder of your images. However you are welcome at any point to request to purchase them.

In order to run my business I share online, predominantly on Instagram, Facebook and on my website.  I sometimes use photographs on my business cards, banners and brochures. I often share weddings I shot many years ago, so if you have had a wedding shot by me in the past and no longer want me to share them for any reason, you can simply get in touch to withdraw your permission. When signing my usual contract you will be agreeing to opt-in to all of this. However, if you want to withdraw your consent to this you can simply do so via email, this email will be stored and adhered to. It is perfectly reasonable to want to keep your wedding photographs private.

If you would like to ask any questions about any aspect of my privacy policy or the data I store on you then please email